Ayurveda forms the foundation for a healthy and natural way of living through preventing illness, optimizing digestion and developing one’s highest potential. This comprehensive training introduces Ayurveda as a practice of self-inquiry and healing with a focus on diet and nutrition. It emphasizes viewing ourselves and our family through Ayurveda’s unique lens to add both depth and dimension to our personal relationships, our daily lives and self healing journey. During this course you will come to understand the importance of creating a strong foundation using the two pillars of Ayurveda as your base- diet and lifestyle. This course is open to all levels and is especially useful and of great value to health practitioners of all kinds.

Topics covered will include:

• The 5 Great Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether)
• How to use asana, pranayama & meditation for self healing and balancing Vata, Pitta & Kapha- establish your healing home practice!
• How to customize your lifestyle and diet to suit your mind body constitution
• Dinacharya (simple and effective daily rituals) to cultivate personal balance
• Marma therapy protocols for self healing with an intro to Aromatherapy
• Ayurvedic Nutrition and Agni- the shad rasa; the six tastes and the digestive fire
• Ayurvedic Cooking Classes
• Mantras that promote health
• How these basic Ayurvedic concepts relate to the health of ourselves, our families and society

**Required books not included in cost of training

• Ayurveda; The Science of Self Healing, by Dr. Vasant Lad
• Ayurvedic Cooking for Self Healing, by Usha and Vasant Lad
• Ayurvedic Cookbook, by Amadea Morningstar



During your Ayurvedic Consultation we will meet for approximately 60 minutes. The consultation includes a thorough health intake form, physical and verbal evaluation using a unique methodology of eight clinical limbs of assessment, including pulse diagnosis, to determine your unique constitution (mind/body type) according to traditional Ayurvedic principles. Based upon this, specific recommendations will be offered around lifestyle, diet & nutrition, herbal supplementation, yoga & exercise, cleansing, colour, sound & aroma therapies. Includes an hour long follow up with written explanation of doshic constitution and imbalalances, with detailed step by step recommendations and long term treatment plan.



Snehana is Sanskrit for both oil and love. Ayurvedic oil massage “abhyanga” strongly enhances neurotransmitter production, reduces stress hormones, and beautifully enhances both feeling loved and loving behaviour. This is a full body rejuvenating massage which includes a chakra balancing and marma therapy (comparable to acupressure). Specific products and protocol will be created for your individual needs. The practitioner(s) will use soothing, long strokes which engulf the entire body as the healing scents of aromatherapy and the luxurious medicated oils custom-blended to nourish your skin, balance your prana (energy) and calm the mind. As the oils soak into the seven tissue layers of your body, they will help to loosen and facilitate the removal of accumulated doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) and ama (toxins) from the body. You will feel completely relaxed, nourished and rejuvenated. Treatment includes a seated scalp massage and results in significant detoxification.